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2 Best Islands for a Honeymoon in Seychelles

Seychelles is swiftly taken over the mantle of ‘most luxurious honeymoon destination’, and that’s no exaggeration. When Pederson Travel Service describes this island nation to its customers, words like ‘quixotic beauty’ and ‘exquisite luxury’ always dominate the conversation, and with good reason.

Seychelles’ turquoise waters, white sands and extremely luxurious hotels and resorts all merge to give you a destination that is practically tailor-made for your honeymoon. And because there are numerous islands, there’s more variety for you to choose from; few other places can offer you such experiences.

With each successful honeymoon we’ve has planned, our ratings as a full-service travel agency in Watertown, South Dakota, only keeps getting better. We’ve helped plan the most amazing honeymoons in Seychelles on all of the islands listed below. Go over them and see which of them holds your attention the most.

· Praslin Island

This island is where the Vallée de Mai, a nature park and World Heritage site, is found. It’s also where the ‘Coco de Mar’ palms are found, and if you’re not aware, they are very rare species of palm tree that have been the subject of many a legend and lore. Simply put, even seeing these trees is something worthwhile.

What’s a honeymoon if it’s not full of surprises? If you want to present your spouse with a unique gift, an invaluable black pearl should be more than adequate, don’t you think? Praslin island is the perfect place to get such a gift. There’s also a beautiful National Park here that you definitely shouldn’t ignore.

· Mahe Island

Size is what sets this island apart from the rest. It’s massive, being the largest island in the entire nation; conversely, the smallest capital in the world, Victoria, is also found on the island. The highest mountain ranges in the Republic of Seychelles are found here too. As you can see, there’s no shortage of variety here. This is all so great because you and your spouse can go see all of them.

There’s no need to rush, though, because there’s so much more to keep you occupied on Mahe island. Pack up a picnic basket, choose a lovely spot on the beach and marvel at the dazzling views all around you. Yes, the island is mostly secluded, but that’s exactly why it will endear itself to you and your spouse; there will be very little people to disturb the peace and your vacation.

Pederson Travel Service in Watertown, South Dakota, chose Seychelles because its a place bound to fill your honeymoon with wonderful experiences. Call us so we can start making preparations. Prepare to go on a honeymoon that will remain with you for as long as you live.


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