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2 Great Places in California to Play Host to Family Reunions

The importance of family can never be overemphasized, but as your family move further and further away from each other as they settle in different places, or even parts of the world, the need for a reunion becomes all the more important. California is a great place to bring all your loved ones together to reminisce about the old days and learn about what’s new with everyone.

Pederson Travel service is a full-service travel agency in Watertown, South Dakota, and we have assembled a list of great places in California that can cater to all generations of your family; best of all, we can get you to the state with ease.

Camatta Ranch

This ranch, which is over 32,000 acres, has persisted as a cattle ranch since the days of the Mexican land grant. It now serves as a place where families can converge to learn about and experience an authentic ranch lifestyle. There will be music, singing, dancing, bonfires, and storytelling.

The atmosphere of the ranch makes it very conducive for such a gathering too. It’s family-friendly and peaceful, and with the sheer amount of space, it means none of you will ever have to feel ‘cramped’. Indeed, the ranch’s size makes it a home to over 250 exotic animals, one of which is bison.

There are also safari tours, hiking, trap or skeet shooting, archery and organic gardening. You can try them all if you want. No one will hinder you from having a great time.

The Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel

Southern California is where the Ritz-Carlton is found. You and the entire family can go there and play some wet games at the beach. Just like the Camatta Ranch, the atmosphere here compels you to go have fun. You can walk atop the miles of a soft, sandy beach not far from the resort-where surfing, swimming and sand-castle building dominate the fun games.

The resort boasts facilities and great services, making it the ideal place for a reunion. There will be yoga sessions by the sea that you can partake in; private surf lessons for beginners; eco-adventures, sunset ceremonies (these are especially great!); whale watching and spa pampering-to relax all those tired muscles. Because of the Ritz-Carlton’s location, customized and fun-laden excursions to San Diego become possible.

Contact Pederson Travel service and we’ll book your trip to California. We’ll do the same for each member of your family too. We can help make your reunion as great as you want it to be.


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