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2 Great Reasons to Have a Family Reunion in Arizona

A family reunion, if well-planned and executed, can be the best of social events. One sure-fire way to guarantee a reunion doesn’t fail is to host it in a great and accommodating location, and that’s exactly what Pederson Travel Service intends to help you with.

Resorts are always great places for a reunion, and Arizona has a number of such places. Being a full-service travel agency in Watertown, South Dakota, we combed through the best resorts in Arizona and singled out the ones most-suited for family reunions.

The Enchantment Resort is our pick this year.

The variety of activities and events you can engage yourself in is only one reason this resort emerged the victor; have a read below and find out the rest.

· Hiking and Biking for the Entire Family

Anyone can find his something to pique his interest at the Enchantment Resort, but outdoor enthusiasts more than anyone else; members of your family who fit the bill should thus find the place even more delightful.

You can rent Pivot mountain bikes and bike your way across infinite trails, and if you or anyone in your family is new to mountain biking, there are beginner classes organized by the resort to cater to that.

Once you’re sure of your skills, round up the entire family, mount your bikes and go explore the massive area around the resort. A guide will be with you, giving you fascinating insights about everything you see, including both natural and manmade landmarks. Even children as young as seven years can go on this bike adventure.

· A Spa to for Everyone to Relax In

There is a spa in this resort called ‘Mii amo’, and it has been recognized as the #1 Domestic Spa for two years in a row. To call that a remarkable achievement would be an understatement, so you know you and the entire family are in for a real treat when you head there.

Being a guest at the resort means you automatically gain exclusive access to therapies and more. Anyone from age sixteen and above is welcomed at the spa. There’s a fitness center, indoor pool, Crystal Grotto, steam room and the men and women’s lounges and sauna. All of them are included in your resort fee.

The Enchantment Resort is the place to be if you want a reunion held in a serene and tranquil location, and Pederson Travel Service can easily help you get there. You have the vast land all to yourselves, so don’t hesitate in making the most of the time you have there. Go out there and have fun like you never had before.


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