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2 Tips for a Family Reunion in Delaware

Do you recall what it felt like to walk atop the soft sands of a yellow beach? The Delaware Beaches can bring back that wonderful feeling. Have you ever walked through an ancient mansion that awed you into silence by its magnificence? Do you want to relieve that experience again? The DuPont Mansions in Delaware can cater to that too.

What Pederson Travel Service is trying to tell you is this: Delaware has everything it takes to play host to a great family reunion. Every member of the family is sure to find something to capture their minds and hearts, which is why you go there for your next family reunion. We’re a full-service travel agency form Watertown, South Dakota, and we believe the tips below should be a great help in making sure the reunion a resounding success.

· The DuPont Mansions

These mansions are easily Delaware’s most beautiful attractions. There are several of them, but Winterthur Mansion, Garden and Library-with its whopping 175 rooms-takes the cake, in our opinion. The rooms are filled to the brim with antiques, and taking up a large part of the space are gardens painting the whole place with color during spring and summer.

The Nemours Mansion & Gardens have to be mentioned here too. This large and impressive country estate in Wilmington is a favorite of many vacationers. The estate is a sight to behold. The incredibly large expanse of lovely woodlands, the biggest French Gardens in North America and the mansion with an astonishing 70 rooms are all at your disposal.

Bring the entire family along and can go see everything, all the while appreciating the scenic beauty and vastness of the estate. Don’t just select a few members; there’s certainly enough space in the estate to hold everyone.

· The Rehoboth Beach

This is Delaware’s most popular and arguably best beach, and there is a very good reason for this. Take the family there and the number of fun games and activities available can have them laughing and having fun for hours. There is entertainment, there are places to shop and dine, the sun is pleasant and the sand is soft. What’s not to love about all this?

What’s not to love the entire state of Delaware? You need little reason to call up each member of your family and tell them a great reunion against them. Call Pederson Travel Service too and book a trip to Delaware for everyone.


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