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3 Helpful Tips When Planning a Family Reunion in Colorado

Pull out that old family contact list get plans underway to bring everyone over for another fun-filled family reunion. What’s the destination this year? Colorado, and Pederson Travel Service can easily get you and the entire family there with little hassle. It doesn’t matter where each family member is based, we’ll bring your loved ones together for your largest and most fun reunion yet.

We’re a full-service travel agency form Watertown, South Dakota, and Colorado can be the perfect place to host your reunion if you know the right places to go and right things to do. The tips below should get you up to speed on all that.

· The Westin Riverfront Resort & Spa (Creek Mountain)

Colorado is a big state, so deciding on particular places there to bring the whole family for a celebration can be quite the challenge. That’s why we recommend making your way to this resort. It’s easily one of the most family-friendly places in Colorado. You’ll most likely see other families there having a great time, so even that should be enough proof it’s a great place to spend a few days or weeks. If your family loves the outdoors, you can’t go wrong with this resort.

There’s a very large outdoor pool and deck, which are some of the resort’s most popular attractions, and many more recreational facilities that are sure to keep everyone happy.

· The Inverness Hotel & Conference Center (Englewood)

A resort that doubles as a hotel is great for a family reunion for so many reasons. The Inverness Hotel & Conference Center in Englewood takes it a step further by building a large golf course and equally large tennis courts to keep its guests entertained.

The sportier members of your family should find this place a haven, but even those who prefer indoor activities will still have things to make their stay very pleasant. The hotel offers amenities and facilities that speak of nothing but comfort and luxury, so this resort is another place you might want to consider to play host to your reunion.

· Gateway Park Fun Center (Boulder)

These 3 towns, Boulder, Denver, and Fort Collins, are excellent places for brewery hopping, amusement parks, and cultural outings. The amusement parks alone are enough to guarantee a fun reunion, much less the number of diverse activities and things you’ll see at the outings. And age will never have to be a barrier against fun because both the youngest and oldest members of your family can all engage in the activities.

Pederson Travel Service chose this state because it has everything you could need to reunite with your family; you’ll meet everyone amidst the most conducive and fun settings. Give us a call and we’ll get you to Colorado


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