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3 Reasons Paris is a Lovely Honeymoon Destination

Paris is easily one place everyone wants to visit, and we do mean EVERYONE. There’s no argument here. Even adventurists that have set foot in nearly every part of the world still say Paris is one city they never get tired of visiting.

Pederson Travel Service understands why honeymooners love this wonderful city so much. Being a full-service travel agency from Watertown, South Dakota, we’ve booked countless vacations to Paris for new and old couples alike from all around the globe. The city’s majestic, beauteous and almost ethereal architecture is enough to keep you and your loved one enthralled, much less the romantic and fun of things to do. We’ll tell you why France must be the destination for your honeymoon.

· The Louvre Museum

Mona Lisa… That’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you see the Louvre Museum, isn’t it? Yeah, that’s easily the museum’s most prized possession, but it’s by no means the only one. Walk hand-in-hand with your spouse amidst over 300,000 objects from ages past.

You’ll see numerous works of art from cultures that existed in a different era. Some of these cultures are no more but others still persist to this day. The museum educates you and excites you in equal parts. Oh, and make sure you don’t miss the Venus de Milo too. It’s a great statue and seeing it is as pleasant an experience as seeing the Mona Lisa.

· Eiffel Tower

It wouldn’t be a honeymoon in Paris if the Eiffel tower was not part of it now, would it? You might even be left undecided on what to do when you get there. Will you step into the fabulous restaurants that can host romantic meals between you two love birds? Or will you be entranced by the spectacular view from atop the tower that has no equal anywhere else? Or maybe the fireworks that turn night into colorful day? You decide.

The Eiffel tower is an amazing place to see and something every couple should experience.

· Notre Dame de Paris

Do you remember that classic novel, ‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame?’ Guess what? You can relieve the tale by visiting this place. It’s the main setting of the story, and when you see it’s ancient but beautiful French Gothic architecture, you’ll feel as if you’re characters in the story too.

Notre Dame of Paris translates to ‘Our Lady of Paris’. Both the façade and interior of this ancient and magnificent structure are so beautiful you shouldn’t be surprised if you have this sudden urge to repeat your wedding vows the moment you step into the cathedral.

Contact Pederson Travel Service and we’ll get you to Paris where a romance-filled honeymoon awaits you.


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