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3 Reasons Why Your Honeymoon Should Be Koh Lipe, Thailand

Koh Lipe looks more like something you’ll see in your dreams than in real life. That’s the honest truth. The island is so exotic it’s arguable whether there’s any other one like it. The golden palm-fringed beaches that glide into turquoise waters; the friendly and happy folk surrounded by lush greenery; the villas that face the beach and give you beautiful sunrises and sunsets…

If these aren’t enough to convince you Koh Lipe is perfect for your next honeymoon, then a simple solution is for you to go see the island yourself. Pederson Travel Service from Watertown, South Dakota, will be happy to book your vacation to Thailand. The moment you land, don’t waste time in finding your way over to Koh Lipe. The 3 reasons below might convince you why.

· The Privacy

A honeymoon is meant to be something where only you and your new spouse exist, and Koh Lipe makes that possible. The island shelters you from the raucous, and sometimes, toxic life of a city. Because it’s hidden away from the masses, only vacationers and honeymooners like you walk atop its soft sands. The island’s luxury villas and hotels mean you’ll never have to look anywhere far for comfort. To summarize it all, Koh Lipe’s peace and quiet make for a romantic getaway.

· The Beaches

Have you ever been to a place with 3 amazing beaches encircled by lush jungles? Unlikely, because such a thing is quite a rarity. Picture you and your spouse having a quiet stroll atop soft, talc sands; or just lounging atop it with the gentle sounds of crashing waves serenading you. Right from that beach, you can also watch the warm sun rise and fall, then still remain there to marvel at the wonders night brings. Still not enough for you? Most of the beaches’ resorts all offer snorkeling and kayaking equipment for those of you who want a little more adventure in their honeymoon.

· The Tarutao National Marine Park

Koh Lipe’s underwater landscapes could rival a rainbow for how bright its corals are. The equally-bright fish swimming and speeding through it add to all the color riot too. These fish inadvertently entertain you and keep you in awe as their bright scales and swimming bodies put on a show for you. They essentially put on a show for you. Do you want to get up close and personal with them? Snorkel and go meet your entertainers. The green-blue waters are safe and clear enough for you to do all that.

These and many more await you in Thailand. Contact Pederson Travel Service and we’ll get you there. A wonderful honeymoon awaits you on a dreamy island.


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