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3 Things to Do When Your Cruise Ship Stops Over at Ketchikan Alaska

Ketchikan is also known as the Gateway to Southeast Alaska because it is the southernmost city on the Inside Passage. Most cruise ships stopover in Ketchikan as either the first or last port of call on while on Alaska cruises. Pederson Travel Service in Watertown, South Dakota, is great at and will gladly handle the planning of your Alaskan cruise. So, how do you make the most of your stopover in Ketchikan while on your Alaskan Cruise?

First, a tip, do don't forget your wet weather gear while exploring the town because Ketchikan is one of the rainiest towns in the USA and receives about 13 feet of rain each year.

· Take A Stroll Along Creek Street

Up until 1953, this historic Street was lined with bordellos which were frequented by the loggers and fishermen who worked in the city. Today, they exist as renovated restaurants, shops, and art galleries. Creek Street is located about three blocks from the cruise ship pier and is an easy walk to the downtown area.

· Stop for A Visit to The Misty Fjords National Monument

Although it is about 20 miles from Ketchikan and can only be reached by seaplane or boat, this 2.3-million-acre park is stunning and has massive glacial cliffs and secluded bays. The park is often foggy, with its peaks covered by clouds. This gives it a mysterious feel and makes it one place that you should make sure to visit while in Ketchikan. To visit, you will need to either take a tour boat or you can enjoy the view from the sky.

· Learn About Ketchikan’s Totems and The Tlingit Culture

Ketchikan is a city famous for its many totems. As a visitor you can get the opportunity to see them being carved or in their completed state. The following places are where you can find them:

The Totem Heritage Center which is near the City Park. It houses a collection of over 30 original, unrestored totems from Tlingit and Haida villages, most of them, from the 19th century. This place is about a mile or two from the downtown area.

There is also Saxman Village which is about three miles south of Ketchikan and has an impressive collection of totems and a cedar community house. As a visitor, you can learn about Tlingit culture through songs, dances, and stories. You will also find totem carvers are often at work in the village and get a chance to buy the native art which are for sale in the shops.

The Totem Bight State Park is located about 10 miles north of Ketchikan in a beautiful setting and has numerous totems with good interpretive signs, but you won’t find any carvers onsite.

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