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3 Travel Tips When Visiting the Caribbean for a Honeymoon

Remember those really neat pictures you always see on postcards? Pictures of the brilliant blue sea and lush white sands? Scenes depicting fun and exoticism in the broadest sense of the word? What if we told you can visit those places where new experiences await you and your loved one? Among other things, you can bask beneath the rays of the bright sun and splash around in the warm water of the sea too. Pederson Travel Service can make all of this happen.

Being a full-service travel agency in Watertown, South Dakota, we’ve booked vacations to countries all over the world for our customers. Today, the spotlight in on the Caribbean. You can’t expect to enjoy your time if you don’t know what to do once you get there, right? And you’ll need a lot more than a bikini or a passport to make the most of your vacation, so take heed of the few tips below.

· The Sun

The sun cats bright and warm rays in the Caribbean more than in many other places. Though a tan is merely temporary, your skin can suffer greater damage, particularly if you’re not acquainted with the weather. Bring along some waterproof sunscreen. Make sure it has an SPF of 30 or so, then apply it several times a day, not just once; apply it even during cloudy days.

· The Food and Water

We all look forward to food whenever we travel. It’s always completely different whatever you go. Each culture and people have foods peculiar to them, so sampling them whenever you get the chance is a fun thing to do.

We highly recommend trying out as much Caribbean food and drinks as you can, but don’t go and start munching on everything you see. We advise you to never drink tap water and, unless you’re really curious, give what street vendors sell a pass too. Of course, you can avoid all this by eating and drinking in resorts or restaurants, so it’s not really something to cause worry.

· The Sea

There’s a 99% chance you’ll go swimming when in the Caribbean because honestly, can you even call the vacation ‘complete’ if you don’t dip into the water at least once or twice? But don’t float where you can’t swim and don’t go swimming alone. Make sure you’re not drunk if you intend to go into the water. And if you see the weather getting fiercer and kicking up the surf, don’t take chances if you’re not comfortable and remain in the water. Get out if you’re uneasy; if you don’t mind the change, by all means, swim your hours away!

Those are petty much the most important things you have to be mindful of when in the Caribbean. Few things can ruin your honeymoon in the Caribbean, so call Pederson Travel Service and let’s get you there. The Caribbean and all its exoticism await you. Don’t make it wait any longer.


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