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4 Fun Things to Do on Your Honeymoon in Koh Lanta, Thailand

The Krabi province of Thailand is hiding something truly special: A bright and lovely island called Koh Lanta. For hydrophilic couples, this island can only be labeled ‘Heaven on Erath’. The scrumptious local food, the famed Thai massage, snorkeling, yoga, and suntan fix are a mere fraction of what awaits you and your spouse in Koh Lanta.

Pederson Travel Service can book your vacation in Thailand for that great honeymoon you’ve been planning since before you got married. We’re a full-service travel agency from Watertown, South Dakota, and the great activities we’ve outlined for you down below can really make your experience in Thailand something to cherish and remember.

· Stroll Along the Klong Nin Beach

If you seek peace and solitude, look no further than the Klong Nin Beach. Walk atop the cotton-soft sands and marvel at the beautiful surroundings, then gaze upon the rising or setting sun and let its warmth wash over you. The absence of loud, boat engines and raucous karaoke means you can enjoy everything you do in blissful silence. It’s just going to be you, your loved one, the gentle wind and sweet coconut in your hand.

· Visit the Klong Nin food Market

This is unlike other food markets you’ve been to. Getting there is quite easy because it’s merely a few minutes away from wherever you are. The main attractions in the market, of course, are fruits and vegetables. You’ll find all manner of fruits there, from those you know the oddest-shaped ones you’ve yet seen. And if you still want more, local snacks and homemade meals are available too. Thus, you have an opportunity to get a little taste of what the local chefs are famous for.

· Get Yourself a Scooter

Renting a scooter might not seem like the most romantic of activities, but on this island, it’s an entirely new experience. The lay of the land means there’s a natural course for you to speed your scooter over. The hilly parts can be a challenge, but it’s all part of the fun. You can even ride it to the many beaches in the south of Koh Lanta.

· Crown Lanta Resort & Spa

This lovely place was erected atop a hill at the Koh Lanta Peninsula. The location means you get privacy and scenic views of the land beneath. There are villas and deluxe rooms in the resort too, so you can expect to be pampered and treated.

Thailand has been a favorite honeymoon destination for many a couple, and once you get there, you’ll understand why this is so. Call Pederson Travel Service and we’ll get you to this ancient and wonderful country where an equally-wonderful honeymoon awaits you.

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