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4 Tips to Make Your Group Travel Go Smoothly

Group Travel is one of the services we specialize in at Pederson Travel Service. Whether it’s a family reunion, a church function, a destination wedding, a corporate retreat, a high school reunion or just you and a couple of your friends taking a trip, we’ve got you covered. We’ll put together your travel arrangements, create a designated webpage that includes a payment portal and depending on the number of people traveling, might be able to organize free travel for you as the group leader. In the meantime, group travels are a great way to experience a new destination and whether you’ve done it many times before or this is your first time, these tips from us can help make your trip go smoothly.

· Pack Lightly

Pack lightly is an important tip for any travel, but when it comes to group travels, it is an absolute necessity. From the time you arrive until when you depart, you’ll be the one responsible for handling your luggage. You’ll have to hoist your bag onto a tour bus, fit it into an overhead train compartment, or find a spot for it in a hotel room. Trust us when we say that, when you’re the one doing all of your lifting, light luggage is a blessing.

· Be Patient

Group travel is no easy feat. With a group, it could take 20 minutes to walk to a destination you could have reached in 5 by yourself. You’ll have to wait for someone who is taking too long somewhere, or end a visit early because someone needs to use the bathroom. In these situations, all you can do is learn to go with the flow. Know that traveling with a group will require a different mindset than when you travel on your own. No matter how hard you may find it, try not to let someone’s annoying behavior ruin your experience.

· Be Open-Minded

Any time you travel, it’s always advisable to keep an open mind. Be prepared to do things you’ve never done before, try new foods and styles of dining, and interact with people who may look or sound completely different from you. Remember, you are a guest in a destination so it’s important to respect the area’s customs and ways of life.

· Be Flexible

Along with being patient and open-minded, you must be flexible. No matter how hard you all try, something on your itinerary will likely go awry. Unexpected bad weather could cancel flights or a protest could block a usual route. Usually, these circumstances are out of your control; and while it may be annoying to have plans changed, try to view your situation an opportunity rather than a detriment to your travel. Unexpected changes to your timetable are only ruining if you let them be. In a positive light, they can add a surprise element of adventure and excitement to your trip.

Who is handling your next travel? Let us at Pederson Travel Service in Watertown, South Dakota, handle it for you. We’d love to hear from you. Give us a call today!


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