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6 Places for an Awesome and Fun Family Reunion in Florida

Also known as “The Sunshine State”, Florida is one state that offers activities and pastimes for all age groups with accommodations that feature spacious, connecting rooms, suites, and apartments where all members of the family can relax and spread out to their hearts' content. Having space to enjoy activities together as well as for some private time is known to promote all-around happiness among family members.

Now you can’t just get up and go to all of Florida for your family reunion so we at Pederson Travel Service have put together a list of 6 of our most favorite places for a family reunion in Florida. These are places we feel you’d have loads of fun as a family. Ready?

· Walt Disney World Resort (Orlando)

Yes, we’re starting with the famous one. With lots of fun activities, theme parks, water parks, hotels, golf courses, and entertainment venues, Walt Disney World Resort tops this list for us. It is also where you’ll find the Animal Kingdom, a zoological theme park where you’ll get to go on fun-filled tours, see beautiful animals, dine in great restaurants and see wonderful shows.

· Universal Studios Florida (Orlando)

With two theme parks, lots of shows and memorable rides, Universal Studios Florida is one place where you can get some of the best, dining, shopping and family entertainment fun in Florida. Planning a vacation or a family reunion? Universal Studios Florida is one place you should definitely look at.

· SeaWorld Orlando (Orlando)

SeaWorld is a theme park and also doubles as a marine zoological park. Millions of people go here each year for the fun rides, live shows, and animal exhibits. Going here for your family reunion is a sure way to have fun.

· Siesta Beach (Siesta Key)

If you want to have a reunion with fishing, boating, tennis, volleyball, or swimming, Siesta Beach is the place for you. Siesta Key is an island with three beaches and having a family reunion there allows you to immerse yourself in the beauty of the beaches. You’ll never want to leave.

· The Turtle Hospital (Marathon)

This hospital is committed to research and education about turtles and rescues, rehabilitates and releases endangered sea turtles back into the wild. Visiting this for your family reunion is sure to be educative and rewarding.

· NASA Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex (Titusville)

If you’re interested in rocket space entertainment, then visit here first thing in the morning with your family and have a full day of full-day experience at the greatest space adventure on Earth! It’s sure to be unforgettable.

Have you contacted us at Pederson Travel Service in Watertown, South Dakota, to book your next family vacation, yet? You should! We’ve been doing it right for more than 30 years and know exactly what to do and when? Call us today!

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