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Amazing Places for a Honeymoon in Amalfi Coast

Looking for the perfect place for your dream honeymoon? Look no further, Pederson Travel Service has got you covered.

Amalfi Coast is a coastline in Italy that is no stranger to newlyweds. Here are a few places on Amalfi Coast that will be perfect for your honeymoon.

· Ravello

If you are a music enthusiast, this place will be perfect for you. One of the best things about this place is the summer music festival , known as the Ravello Festival, it offers not only dance performances and concerts but art exhibitions as well.

· Praiano

This place used to be a tiny fishing village before it became a seaside resort. There are great places to visit in this place like the church of Saint John the Baptist and the Church of Saint Luke. This will be perfect for you if you are a history or architecture enthusiast.

· Positano

Positano is said to be the most famous town in Amalfi Coast. It offers a great view. You will especially love this if you or your partner loves to hike.

· The Town of Amalfi

This town is built on the top of a cliff and offers a lot of history to keep you occupied. The Town of Amalfi is also home to medieval architecture. One of the things the town of Amalfi is famous for is handmade paper and they have a Paper Museum that can tell you all about the history of this handmade paper.

· Atrani

Atrani will be perfect for a quiet honeymoon. It’s a tranquil place that is also conveniently close to the town of Amalfi. You will love the peace that this place offers and you will definitely love the food.

· Minori

Minori used to be a home for pasta-making factories. It is also known as 'The City of Flavor'. You will definitely love the pasta here and it offers a lot more than that, Minori has fascinating old buildings and narrow alleyways that you might find fascinating.

· Maiori

Maiori promises fun, art and architecture and a wonderful opportunity to shop for souvenirs. This beautiful place also has great seafood you will love to try.

Contact Pederson Travel Service and we will gladly book your vacation to Amalfi Coast.


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