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Best Honeymoon Spots On Lombok Island, Indonesia

Everyone hopes that their honeymoon will be special and memorable and this is why Pederson Travel Service, a full-service travel agency in Watertown, South Dakota, picked out these wonderful spots in Lombok Island, Indonesia for the best honeymoon experience.

For a magical vacation, here are great honeymoon spots to explore on Lombok Island.

Mount Rinjani

This place is considered one of the most popular tourist spots in Lombok island, Indonesia. Mount Rinjani is also an active volcano and is considered to be the second-largest volcano in the whole of Indonesia. A trek to this mountain can last for days and you have a guarantee that it will be worth it.

Kuta Lombok

This Kuta is totally different from the one in Bali. It is a small town with neighboring small beaches. You can explore this place by hiring a motorbike or a bike. Here, you can spend quality time with your partner while sipping refreshing coconut drinks bought from any stall close by.

Tiu Kelep waterfall

What better way to bond with your partner than taking a walk? A walk to the Tiu Kelep waterfall promises to be interesting. A walk here can take about 45 minutes which gives you time to explore the beautiful plants along the way. You can also swim here in the pool after your walk.

Seketong Island

Although Lombok is an island on its own, it is also surrounded by other smaller islands. Seketong island is a chain of smaller islands which can be a perfect place for a quiet getaway. The sandy beaches are a good place to spend some quality time together.

Tangsi Beach

This place is famously known as the pink beach because of its unique pink sand even though you have to concentrate hard before spotting the pink grains. It is a great spot to sunbathe on the sand or just relax. Other things you can do here include canoeing, snorkeling, and swimming. It promises to be a lot of fun.

Benang kelambu waterfall

This waterfall is about 20 meters high and is indeed a beautiful sight to behold .if you and your partner love nature then you will surely love admiring the beautiful plants surrounding this waterfall. It is also a great place for pictures and if you choose, you can swim at the base of the waterfall.

Contact Pederson Travel Service and we'll help make your honeymoon an amazing experience by getting you to one of the most amazing and exotic places in the world.


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