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Family Fun at the Fantabulous Spanish Wonder

The Spanish Wonder? You’ve never heard of it before? A disservice has been done to you because the festival is one of Madrid’s most lively and famed cultural events; and remember, Madrid is already a very colorful and vibrant city, so imagine what it will look like and feel like when the Spanish Wonder goes to work on it. Even better, what if you bring the whole family for the fun event? It would be perfect for a family reunion too!

Pederson Travel Service from Watertown, South Dakota, can be the bridge between you and this great festival. Being a full-service travel agency, it would be our immense pleasure to book a trip for you to Spain because we truly believe the Spanish Wonder is not something you should miss. It’s a 9-day event but with each subsequent day, the fun and experience only keep getting better. Brace yourself, because this is going to be a wild ride!

· Day 1 – Madrid Arrival

This is when you land in the beautiful city that is Madrid, but there’s no rest for you. Why? Because you have only 2 days to chill at the famed Buen Retiro Park, shop till you drop at the Gran Vía, acquaint yourself with all the places you’ll be going to and activities awaiting you.

· Day 2 – Toledo Excursion and Sightseeing in Madrid

Toledo was once the capital of Spain, and you’ll get to see and learn much about it in a walking tour. Make sure you go to the Church of Santo Tomé to see some of El Greco’s famed paintings too: ‘The Burial of Count Orgaz’ is probably the most famous of them. And monuments to Don Quixote and Cervantes await you back in Madrid, so go check them out.

· Day 3 – Amazing Nights in Madrid, Córdoba, and Seville

You have 2 nights to see everything Córdoba and Seville have to offer, so don’t dawdle. Travel through La Mancha and visit the ancient but magnificent Mosque of the Caliphs to see architecture that still marvels even to this day. Of course, your 2 nights won’t be complete without spending time at the ever-flamboyant city called Seville; fine wine and food await you too.

· Day 4 – Sightseeing in Seville

You’re not done with Seville just yet because you can still go on tours to Maria Luisa Park, Bell Tower of the Giralda and the Plaza de España, to mention a few. Feed your knowledge by learning about how oil is produced at the Morillo family’s olive oil mill. You can also sample the fruits of their labor.

· Day 5 – Granada and Seville

Granada is chockful of cultures, so you have an abundance of things to see and learn about. The Alhambra complex, erected in the 14th century, is chief among them. Likewise, the unique water gardens and Summer Place are easily some of the most exotic places you can go see.

· Day 6 – Guadix, Granada, and Valencia

The foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains are harboring something wonderful. There are beautiful, ochre-colored cliffs and whitewashed cave-dwellings there. Once you’re done with them, take a trip to Valencia and feast your eyes on the sprawling, remarkable medieval architecture that has persisted all through the centuries. Drop by the City of Arts and Sciences and immerse yourself in culture and science like you never have before.

· Day 7 - Valencia, Peñiscola and Barcelona

Peñíscola, or as it is popularly known, the ‘City in the Sea’ is definitely a place you’ll want to go see. Ever set foot inside a castle? No? Well, you’ll get your chance when you head to the ‘Spanish Pope’s’ castle, erected by none other than the Knights Templar. Your trip will take you to the famous La Sagrada Família Cathedral too, a building that is still yet to be finished even after more than 100 years. And if you seek lovely panoramic views of the city center known as Plaça de Catalunya, just head up to Montjuïc and fawn over what you see.

· Day 8 – Barcelona Free Day

This is the part of the festival where you’re uninhibited and do whatever you want and at your own pace. Explore Barcelona and its cultures and sample whatever the people have to offer. Take a trip to the Park Güell; have a stroll up the monastery at Montserrat; take a walk to the Gothic Quarter; the choice is all yours on what you want to do.

· Day 9 – Say Farewell to Barcelona

This will probably be the least favorite of the 9 days because that’s when the party ends. Your coach returns to Barcelona from Madrid on this 9th day; airport transfers will be available to you too, but the drop-off will be in this hotel: Trafalgar Madrid.

This marks the end of your 9-day adventure. Don’t let the Spanish Wonder pass you by. Contact Pederson Travel Service and we’ll get you there in time for this amazing festival that brings in fun-enthusiasts from around the globe.

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