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Family Reunion Ideas in Connecticut

Anyone who has been to this state will tell you it as picturesque as they come. It doesn’t matter what you’re talking about: Whether it’s the large, idyllic waterfront parks or the bustling and ever-lively urban, Connecticut has it all. The little farms forming patterns in the countryside can easily endear themselves to you too. The simple fact is, Connecticut can easily cater to everyone, and that includes each member of your family.

Looking for a place that can play host to your family reunion? Pederson Travel Service is here for you. As a full-service travel agency from Watertown South Dakota, we can promise you Connecticut has anything you could possibly ever need to guarantee a great family reunion. To make things easier for you, we rounded up a few great places you should consider and perhaps implement into your plans. They’re sure to narrow things down for you and make the choices easier.

· Mystic Aquarium (Mystic)

There’s always something mystical and overwhelming about being in an aquarium. You’ll get the opportunity to be what seems like inches away from large and magnificent marine animals: beluga whales, sea lions, African penguins and so much more.

Liken this aquarium to the most exotic ‘underwater zoo’ you’ve ever seen and you’ll have an idea what to expect. With that being said, and as broad as your imagination is, your expectations can never live up to reality.

· The Submarine Force Museum (Groton)

If you and your family members have a flair for naval and military history, then this museum is the first place you should go to. The United States Navy Submarine Force Library has so much to teach you. The best thing about this museum is the tours. They’re many of them, and each offers you something new to experience. The scavenger hunts are great too. They are a gateway to the amazing world of submarines. There are over 33,000 exhibits in this massive building, so it’s arguable if you’ll even be able to see them all. But it also means you have a nearly endless variety to cater to each family member’s taste.

· Yale Center for British Art (New Haven)

Have you ever fancied British art? What if we told you that you can still see and appreciate the largest collection of British artworks that’s outside the United Kingdom while you’re in Connecticut? The state gives you the opportunity to walk amidst the works of some of the UK’s finest artists and sculptors. If you do decide to go there, it’s open from 10 am to 5 pm (Tuesday to Saturday), then from noon to 5 pm on Sundays. Best of all, admission is absolutely free!

Contact Pederson Travel service and let’s book your trip to Connecticut for a family reunion that’s guaranteed to be a resounding success.


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