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Great Honeymoon In Mexico

Mexico is popular for providing the destination for vacations of all kinds. Therefore, would you not love to spend your honeymoon as newlyweds in such a highly attractive honeymoon destination? Mexico combines luxurious beaches, culture, for new couples to disappear from everyone and enjoy time alone in each other’s company as they begin their lives together as married people.

We are Pederson Travel Service; a full-service travel agency from Watertown, South Dakota, and we HIGHLY recommend the locations listed below for a truly unique and wonderful honeymoon experience in the colorful land of Mexico.

· The Best Location

Enjoy your honeymoon in any of these recommended places: Riviera Maya, Cancun and of course Los Cabos. The ideal location for your honeymoon is in Riviera Maya; it stretches from Playa del Carmen to the cliff-top ruins at Tulum. Breathtaking indeed. Some of the best beaches in Mexico can also be found in Riviera Maya. Here, you will enjoy a butler service fit for royalty, blissful massages, and dishes prepared as inspired from all over the world as you stay in your lavish suites. The resort is well-placed for you to enjoy the excitement of an adventure in Cancun Playa del Carmen.

· The Most Unique Locations

You can explore your adventurous side by visiting the Mayan ancient ruins at Chichen Itza, a historical site housing the ancient courts where Pok Pok was played by the ancient Mayans, as well as the Calendar Temple. You can also visit the Xcaret archeological park in Riviera Maya where you will venture underground to see rivers, pools, and lagoons and also discover spider monkeys and turtles on the other side. Hope you love swimming because you get to swim with the friendly Dolphins. By eve, over 300 performers and actors entertain and educate visitors on Mexico through a musical journey.

· The Yellowest Beaches

Los Cabos is the place to be for all and sundry when it comes to spending quality time with your loved ones in Mexico, so do not be surprised if you even see a popular face there. There are several exclusive resorts for you and your partner to choose from to enjoy that beautiful romantic honeymoon experience you dreamed of even while planning your wedding. In addition, this destination spot has some of the finest beaches in Central America for you to take those long romantic walks on at sunset. The town itself, Cabo San Lucas is great for shopping due to the availability of its top-notch boutiques. It is indeed a bubbly town where people experience nightlife to its fullest. So, you want to go out for some drinks and parties? This is the place for you.

Make your honeymoon dreams come true by contacting Pederson Travel Service in Watertown, South Dakota. After all, Mexico is just one of the many vacation destinations we book at Pederson Travel Service.


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