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Great Ideas & Places for a Family Vacation in Portugal

There is nothing more important than family and one of the best ways to maintain family ties is by spending time with each other. Pederson Travel Service from Watertown, South Dakota, can attest to this, and we know the perfect place to make all this happen. What better way to spend time with each other than on a family vacation in Portugal? The country has great resorts and other fun places that will keep your family happy and willing to do more together. Here are some really cool things to do in Portugal.

· Monta da Vilarinha

This place gives your family a chance not just to spend time together but to also socialize. This hilltop resort provides a range of activities from table tennis, DVD library, playgrounds and playrooms for the kids. And the best part is that this place is as much fun for adults as it is for kids.

· Quinta das Achadas

This 19th-century farmhouse might be exactly what you need to have a perfect family vacation. You get to get a real farmhouse experience and there is a lot of fun activities for kids as well.

· Casa dos Sonhos

Casa Dos Sonhos is also known as the 'House of Dreams' and it is a very befitting name. There is a lot you can do with the fresh vegetables from the garden and there are books to bury yourself in. This will be perfect for you if you want a really quiet break.

· Grutas de Mira de Aire

Visiting this cave is a must if you are traveling with kids. A visit to this beautiful underground chamber is an experience that will stay with you for a very long time.

· Pasties de Nata

One of the things you should definitely try in Portugal is the traditional Portuguese custard cakes. A great advantage of traveling is that you get to taste exotic and delicious dishes.

· Mata Nacional do Bucaco

This is a great place to visit for nature and history lovers. The Ancient Forest is a great place for exploring and it will even be greater if you pack a picnic with you.

· Local markets

Markets can be really exciting places to be sometimes if you are the curious type. There is a lot to see, feel and experience. This will definitely be an interesting tour.

To get the full wonderful experience, contact Pederson Travel Service from Watertown, South Dakota, to book your next family vacation to Portugal.

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