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Places You Should Consider When Planning a Family Reunion in Iowa

Family reunions are often rare but excellent opportunities to meet and hang out with all the members of your extended family; a wonderful event where old memories are shared and new ones are made. But with so many options available to you, where do you go?

Ever been to Iowa? You have no idea what you're missing out on, then. Iowa is the perfect state to plan your reunion. Its location makes it very easy to get there, and Pederson Travel Service would be more than happy to get you there! We're a full-service travel agency from Watertown, South Dakota, and we can't wait to tell you about all the great places Iowa has ready for you.

For one, Iowa has numerous family-friendly event centers. Then there are the natural wonders, which are always a treat. And don't forget the historic landmarks too; we love them and we're sure you will too! There's so much more than that, of course. You'll find out the rest on your own. It's more that way, don't you think?

But enough talk. Have a read below and see some great places bound to make your vacation in Iowa an amazing one.

The Iowa City Area

Iowa city features a lot of attractions that bring in hundreds of families yearly. Some of the events and locations you shouldn't miss are: The old capitol museum, which is the first-ever capitol building in Iowa and is easily one of the best tourist attractions too; the Amana Colonies, which has been a major tourist attraction over the years; the Macbride state park, sited in a place where you can enjoy the boat ramps, fishing, bird watching, and other exciting activities.


Davenport is widely known for the various natural attractions. The numerous parks a treat on their own but for a really swell time, you might want to try the River Music Experience. Honestly, this isn't something you should miss. Serving as a museum, music school and also concert venue, the River Music Experience is the perfect place to go and 'feed' on sweet music, so to speak.

Des Moines

This little city has a lot of attractions suitable for your family reunion. Just the Des Moines skyline is a thing of wonder on its own. It's beautiful both in and out. Des Moines also has great attractions like the famous Pappajohn sculpture park, Adventureland park, adventure bay water parks, etc. Either or all of them can drown you in fun. You could also enjoy a variety of sports and recreational activities that the city offers you.

Now comes the tough question: How do you get everyone to one place and at the same time? The answer lies with Pederson Travel Service. Simply contact us and we'll get you to Iowa and back again before you know it! You can find us in Watertown, South Dakota, or just reach us via our website. Do that and prepare for a vacation riddled with fun and games!


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