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Romantic Places to Visit While on Your Honeymoon in Singapore

Singapore is a place for creating memories. This wonderful country also allows an individual to have so much fun. So yes, we at Pederson Travel Service in Watertown, South Dakota, think that Singapore is a great idea for your honeymoon. From the marvelous display of water and lights to the numerous beaches, Singapore is all about sci-fi architecture, billion-dollar gardens, contemporary art, striking new hotels, and more.

Singapore is a great place to go with your partner as there are many places to stay for your honeymoon. There are also many romantic places that a newlywed couple can visit to spend some great moments together. Here’s a list from us containing some of the best.

· The Botanic Garden

A 156-year-old attraction that is peaceful with a timeless charm, this site has recently been recognized as a UNESCO National Heritage site. It is beautiful and serene and attracts lovers and you might spot a couple or two doing their pre-wedding shoots. You can also check out a wide variety of orchids at the National Orchid Garden.

· Fort Canning Hill

Fort Canning hill is an important romantic spot for honeymooners in Singapore. It is also an important historical site in the country. Stroll around the hillside and get lost in sweet conversation while you bask in the beauty and natural splendor of this great place.

· Yueh Hai Ching Temple

Yueh Hai Ching Temple was built in 1826 and is the oldest Teochew temple in Singapore. It is also known as the love temple and the ornamented roof, wood carvings, painted walls, and finely sculpted ceramic figurines are a sight to behold. Couples regularly go here to seek the blessings of Yue Lao.

· Bukit Batok Town Park

Also known as the Little Guilin because it looks similar to that of Guilin in China. This park is popular for being peaceful and quiet. You and your partner can enjoy a quiet walk along the banks of the lake and the overall beautiful design of the park. Bukit Batok Town Park is one place that you and your partner will definitely enjoy on your honeymoon.

Your honeymoon is an important part of your relationship as a couple. This is why you should let us at Pederson Travel Service in Watertown, South Dakota, handle the planning for you. We’re experienced and assure you a hitch-free romance-filled honeymoon that you will always remember. Contact us today.


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