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Tips for a Perfect Honeymoon in Cape Winelands, South Africa

Tips for a Perfect Honeymoon in Cape Winelands, South Africa

Cape Town is a place that would fit more in a fantastical story than in real life. Look all around you and you’ll see towering peaks that add beauty to an already beautiful place. Wherever you walk, you’ll see the colors and vibrancy Africa is known for. For example, bustling harbors add life to a place that’s already a hub for all things exotic and fun.

All in all, so many factors come together to make Cape Town one of the most scenic places to spend your honeymoon in, which is why Pederson Travel Service in Watertown, South Dakota, will gladly book your trip there. We’re a full-service travel agency who has taken countless newlyweds to South Africa, and now, it’s finally your turn. Have a read of the tips below to see how you can make this honeymoon something to remember.

· Clifton Beach is All but a Paradise

What’s a honeymoon without a trip to the beach? Clifton Beach is only a little distance away from Camp Bay and it’s famous for its beauty as well as an amazing backdrop. More than the photo-taking opportunities it gives you, there are quiet and secluded spots you and your loved one can have all to yourselves. We highly recommend this beach. Matter of fact, it should be the first place you go see when you land in Cape Town.

· The Weather is Simply Perfect

Unlike when you travel to several other parts of the world, you don’t have to worry about bringing particular clothes to cater to Cape Town’s weather. It’s perfect for romance, and that’s no exaggeration. All through October and April, the coastal city’s weather is both warm and dry, which is exactly the kind that induces feelings of romance; or rather, it prompts you to try as many things as possible because you don’t have to worry about rain or extreme heat ruining your day.

But if you’ll take our word for it, we advise you to go to Cape Town during the months in-between January and April. Why? That’s when the temperature maintains a steady 20 degrees Celsius and the winds slow down too. We believe such weather is easily the aptest for a honeymoon.

We also believe you deserve the best travel agency to get you to Cape Town and back again, and that’s us. Call us today and we’ll get the ball rolling. You’ll be in Cape Town for a fabulous honeymoon before you even know it.


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