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What to Do When Your Cruise Ship Stops Over in Sitka

Sitka is one of Alaska’s less traveled and most beautiful destinations. It is located on Baranof island southeast of the state. Surrounded by the Tongass National Rain forest, Sitka is one city that is blessed with a beauty that is difficult to express. Pederson Travel Service in Watertown, South Dakota, is the company to come to if you’re interested in going on an Alaskan cruise that will visit Sitka as one of its stops. When you do, here are 3 things that you will enjoy doing in Sitka.

First off, you should know that Sitka is very walkable. Just make sure that you take Lincoln Street because there, all the historic places are within walking distance.

· Take A Tour of The Town

Sitka is quite small, so a walk along Lincoln Street will bring you in contact with most of the town’s historical landmarks. You can visit St. Michaels Cathedral, and marvel at its architecture, great history, and importance.

When done, pass by the Sheet’khan community and learn about Sitka music. Along the way be sure to explore the Russian Bishop’s house and pay a visit to the Sheldon Jackson Museum to learn something about the Tlingit people and the history of Sitka. There are also guided tours if you are looking for more details or do not want to do this by yourself.

· Wander About at The National Historic Park

The National historic park at Sitka National Park is also the oldest in Alaska. It was launched to commemorate the battle for Sitka that took place in 1804 and is about 113-acres. The main attractions are the twenty totem poles erected around the park. You could also go to the intriguing visitor center where you get to learn even more about the history of the Tlingit and Russians.

After that, you can hike the Russian memorial loop, the totem pole trail, and the river view trail or take self or guided tours to enjoy an in-depth explanation of the park’s flora and fauna. Just note that you will have to pay a small entrance fee.

· Shopping

Carry home food items like salmon, other fish cuts and berries from Sitka. You can also purchase Tlingit silverwork, masks, carvings, garments, nesting dolls, and lacquer boxes and much more. The variety of souvenirs in Sitka is astounding. Every cruise ship dock has shopping outlets and you’ll also find them at the museums, parks or sites that you visit.

Pederson Travel Service is ready and willing to plan your cruise to Alaska and all other vacations that you might have in mind. All you have to do to get started is give us a call today!


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