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You’ll Fall in Love with These 5 Luxury Adventure Destinations

Luxury adventures are for those who seek thrills in some of the world’s most fascinating destinations. Here at Pederson Travel Service in Watertown, South Dakota, we’ll plan your luxury adventure travel, and all you have to do is live it. If you’re looking for great locations for your luxury adventure, here are some ideas and locations we think that you’ll enjoy.

· Do Reindeer Safari in Finland

The best part of this one is that we are just in the right season for it! Trotting across snow with Caribou during the Christmas season is a magical dream come true. In the Levi resort of Lapland, Finland, you can book a 4-hour Reindeer and Ice Fishing tour that will take you through snow-dusted forests on a three-mile ride, stopping in a Lappish teepee for ice fishing and an only-in-Lapland meal of salmon soup. You also take home a bonus reindeer driving license.

· Horseback Ride in Torres Del Paine, Chile

Do a horseback ride of the craggy, snow-dusted granite peaks of Patagonia’s Torres del Paine National Park. It lasts for 8 hours and includes activities like Fording the rushing mountain streams. The views are unbelievably beautiful and breathtaking.

· A Day Trip to Antarctica

It sounds unbelievable but it’s possible. If for example, you are already in Chile for say the Horseback ride we advised above, a 2-hour flight can have you landing on the continent that has only about 5000 summertime residents most of who are scientists. You also get specialized guides who will show you the insider tour of both the man-made Orthodox Russian Church and extremely wild penguin colonies.

· Spot Snow Monkeys in Japan

A local guide will lead you through a leafy forest to spot the macaques in their blissed-out state if you take this one-day trip to the Snow Monkey Resorts’ in Nagano. These adorable animals spend frigid winters dipping in and out of Nagano’s onsen hot springs. You’ll also get a visit to the beautiful 7th-century Zenkō-ji Temple, and end the day tipping back sake at Nagano’s brewery.

· Snowmobile to Spot Polar Bears in Norway

Norway is known for its snowcapped landscapes and icy fjords but that is not all. You could take a 10-hour King of the Arctic Snowfari, where you get to drive snowmobiles across Svalbard’s glaciers. On this trip, you’ll see icebergs rising from the Barents Sea and you also have a chance to spot any of the 3000 polar bears who live in the area during the winter.

Excited for these luxury adventures and more? Why not let us plan them for you here at Pederson Travel Service? We’re more than willing to plan your next trip. Just give us a call!


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