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2 of Italy’s Famed Honeymoon Destinations

In many ways, a honeymoon marks your departure from an old life into a new one. Pederson Travel is honored to be part of this new beginning. What better way to take the first steps than going on a honeymoon in Italy, a country that lives and breathes romance?

We’re a full-service travel agency in Watertown, South Dakota, and we chose Italy to host your honeymoon because, for the last 10 years, it has been the most sought-after honeymoon destination for newlyweds. Makes you wonder why they clamor to go there, doesn’t it?

Then again, it might have something to do with the list of places written below…

  • Venice Always Comes First

Ever heard of the gondola? Think back to any picture or video you saw of a couple relaxing on a boat as an oarsman slowly rows them all over Venice’s endless canals. That’s a gondola.

Point and marvel at the beautiful Italian architecture that has maintained this beauty for more than 600 years. Book a Gondola Serenade tour and sail all over Venice’s biggest attractions. You’ll see great places like the Grand Canal and Piazza San Marco.

And you can’t leave Venice without going to the Theatre La Fenice at least once. Book seats from the gold balcony and enjoy the fabulous opera and ballet performances that draw in vacationers from all over the globe.

  • Florence is Runner-Up

For the love of wine and appreciation of beauty, Florence is the city you need to be in. Florence is known around the world as the home of Renaissance art and architecture. The look of the city alone justifies the reason you should go there for your honeymoon. A vast and mesmerizing cityscape with awaits you. The simple truth is, the city can easily take your breath away with its striking beauty.

Don’t forget that Florence is the capital of Tuscany, and because of its countless and ancient vineyards, it’s quite literally the Mecca for wine lovers. Wine isn’t even the half of it; there’s a wealth of romantic and fun things to do in Tuscany.

Something as simple as a bike ride can be a memorable experience on its own. We say this because you’ll see vineyards, castles and olive groves on your ride. But you’re not going to Tuscany just for sightseeing alone, are you? What’s the point, if you don’t indulge in a little wine tasting?

Pederson Travel is well aware that Italy’s wonders can sweep you off your feet, but that’s the whole idea. Let us organize the trip for you. Treat yourself and your loved one to a honeymoon neither of you will soon forget.

All you have to do is give us a call. We’ll be right here, waiting to answer any and all inquiries you have.


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